"Success in the TES Awards was celebrated by all at New Hall - students, staff,  parents and Governors.  It was an honour to be awarded the Overall School of the Year 2016-17 and also the Financial/Commercial Initiative of the Year, in recognition of New Hall's growth and innovation, through the challenging journey of creating a large and vibrant 'diamond model' boarding & day school.  We attribute the school's success to our commitment to the Catholic values - notably building community and giving service to others - which permeate the ethos and all that we do, both in our work at New Hall and for our sponsored academy, Messing Primary School.  We were delighted that so many of our Senior Team and Governors were able to attend the exciting awards evening, which also saw New Hall shortlisted for Senior Leadership Team of the Year and Governing Body of the Year.  Since much of the work of running and Governing a school goes on behind the scenes, it was a very special moment to receive this recognition.  It was one of the happiest and proudest days for the New Hall team, to celebrate together the school we all love so much and the fruits of the hard work of the last 10 years of the school's exceptional growth and development.  Winning these awards has brought many unique opportunities to celebrate with the local community.  Chelmsford, one of England's newest cities, is proud to be home to the TES School of the Year and a TES School of the Year flag, a student initiative, now flies over the historic Tudor palace of Beaulieu, which forms the magnificent main building of New Hall."

Katherine Jeffrey, Principal

“Winning the award for Marketing/Communications Campaign of the Year 2016 was a wonderful experience and one of which we are very proud.  The award celebrated the school’s collaboration with the Turner Contemporary Gallery in Margate which aimed to promote the arts at St Lawrence College to a wider audience.  The school’s partnership with the art gallery has continued to grow to the benefit of both parties.  Winning the award felt like a validation of the project and it has encouraged us to continue to think outside the box, not be afraid to try out new ideas, and work imaginatively with other key establishments within our local community and beyond.”

Melissa Gabbott, Marketing & Admissions Manager, St Lawrence College 2016

"We entered for the “SLT of the year” category not in any sense to glorify the team, but to seek recognition for the significant work we have done together on pupils’ wellbeing. 

We were delighted to win the category. To us it represented vital recognition of both the central importance of wellbeing within the school and the necessity for coherent work across every aspect of school life, as represented (and led) by our Senior Team.  It’s certainly validated our work and enabled (and encouraged) us to press on with further work in this vital realm of school life. So thank you!"

Bernard Trafford, Headmaster, Royal Grammar School 2016

Winning in the British International School category meant a huge amount to us here at TBS. As a small, independently run institution it was so satisfying to be celebrated for the excellent work our students and teachers do on an international stage. It was particularly important to us that our entry had focused on the role of community service and learning outside the classroom. The recognition of the TES of our work sends a strong and important message; that by being collaborative and caring for those around us, we do immense good for our own students as well as make a positive contribution to our wider community. We continue to place this at the forefront of our school vision, and the award has made our students even more ambitious and pushed them on to attempt even more challenging projects.

Gemma Caines, Assistant Head, The British School Kathmandu 2016

Winning this award for our very special relationship with Carwarden House School was so exciting both for the staff and, more importantly, all the pupils involved in this amazing partnership. As we aim to build this into a national scheme with other schools replicating our project, this award has proved fundamental in demonstrating the credibility of what we are trying to achieve. I hope that when we look back in years to come, when many independent schools are linking up with Special Schools, we will say that the award was a critical landmark along the way. Thank you again to all the judges!”

Ed Venables, Housemaster, Wellington College 2016

Winning the Boarding Initiative of the Year gave our boarding community, both staff and pupils a real boost. It has inspired us to go on and look at other initiatives, we are keen to win again and delighted that our hard work and sense of community was nationally recognised!

Gilmour Coad, Head of Boarding, Ashville College, Harrogate 2016

Winning the award for Best Independent – Maintained School Collaboration for 2014 has been such a thrilling experience for all concerned. To receive such recognition has meant so much to our school and to the very hardworking staff that have created our Sporting Outreach work over the last 8 years. We feel incredibly proud to have our school recognised in this way and what is clear, from the amount of celebration it has created, is that the award’s legacy will be to spur us on to develop and enhance our maintained sector outreach even further in the future!

Michael Getty, headteacher, Shrewsbury High School 2014

We feel absolutely privileged to have won British International School of 2014. It is a real testament to the hard work, passion and enthusiasm of our staff, students and parents, all of whom make our great school what it is. We were delighted to receive the award and it was a real pleasure to meet colleagues from other schools and strike up new friendships. We hope to apply again next year!

Daniel Jones, headteacher, Cambridge House Community College, Valencia 2014

We were absolutely stunned to have won the Special Needs Initiative of the Year award and are very grateful. We have shown the trophy to the pupils at assembly today and it is now available for them all to explore (VERY CAREFULLY) so they can feel the weight of the trophy and feel the inscription.”

Julie Fardell, headteacher, The Royal Blind School

You do not know how much satisfaction this award has given me and the school. One of the most satisfying experiences in my teaching career.

Jonathan Whybrow, headteacher, Beachborough School

The impact that winning an award has on the whole school community is so positive and we are already thinking ahead about which category we might enter next year.

Valerie Dunsford, headteacher, Sheffield High School